Writing Prompt II

I watched him as a lone tear made its way down his face. The strength and indifference that I’d come to know him by, faded. He didn’t seem so terrifying anymore. He turned away for a moment, his back to me. We stayed this way for what seemed an eternity; reality, probably  no more than a couple of minutes. He faced me. His wall of darkness had risen back over his face as though his emotions had never claimed him in the first place. His dark eyes seemed even darker than usual and his large stature seemed to have grown. But, I didn’t care, not anymore. I spoke up.

“I think you’re not as dark as you want for people to believe.” His eyes pierced mine and for a moment, I shuttered. He stared at me before responding. 

“I used to be like you. I was young, innocent. The whole world ahead of me.” His husky voice trailed off. I searched his face, but saw no kind of emotion.

He continued, “Dont let the world darken your soul, like it did mine.”


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