Writing Prompt I

Jasper Lemming had always heard stories of the colors. Of course everything around them had color, but the people were in black and white. That was supposed to change when you fell in love, but he had never experienced it himself and he was beginning to think he never would. His twenty-eighth birthday was on the horizon and still he was alone. He plopped down on the park bench and pulled a book from his worn satchel. Hemingway always calmed his nerves after a long week. He had made it through two chapters when he felt someone’s eyes on him. He looked over the edge of his book to see a woman sitting on a bench across the path from him. Her hair was the color of fire pulled away from her face and falling over her thin shoulders in a braid. Wait. Jasper blinked. No, its still there. That color. Her eyes met his and he saw the bright green in her eyes. His heart pounded in his chest and everything in him shook with excitement. Can this really be happening? And with this woman I have never seen before? His mind raced as they continued to stare in awe at the other.

Mary Johnson had seen the man once before walking into the grocery store on Eighth Street. He had been handsome, even from a distance. His jet black hair in contrast to his icy blue eyes. The colors shocked her the first time she had seen him. Of course she had heard of the colors from her friends and the movies, but never had she experienced them herself. She had been terrified and left before he had a chance to see her. That was weeks ago. Now, as she walked through the park watching the birds dance in the trees, there he was again. The same man that she had seen before. The colors were even more vibrant than she remembered and his jaw looked almost chiseled. She slowed to a stop and watched as he licked his finger and then proceeded to turn the page in his book. Take a deep breathe, Mary. She looked around and saw a bench directly across the path from him. This is your chance.  She strode quietly over to the bench and lowered herself onto its darkened wood. Almost as if he had been waiting, he lifted his eyes to hers.

After a time, Jasper sat his book down on the wooden bench and slowly stood to his feet. Mary followed suit, her body shaking at the sight of the man in front of her. He crossed the path and stood mere inches from her. I hope you can’t hear my heart trying to escape my chest, they both thought, though neither knew. Finally, a smile began to form on his lips. Small and shy at first, and then brighter and full of excitement. Mary felt her cheeks burning at the sight.

Jasper gently reached for her hand and pulled it to his lips, and as he gently kissed the back of her hand he spoke, “I’ve been waiting for you.”


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