Whiskey Kiss

She didn’t just walk into a room, she glided. Every eye turned toward her as she made her way to dance floor. No one paid attention to me. I was just the average looking guy trailing in her wake. Her dark wavy hair flowed down her back like a waterfall stopping just shy of the small of her back. Her black dress snuggly fit every curve on her body and her legs went for miles before disappearing into a pair of black heels. She stopped. Turning toward me, her eyes met mine and I felt as though I could lose myself staring into them. I had no idea how’d I come to be here, nor did I care. I felt my heart thump in my chest and a shiver ran down my spine as a smile crossed her candy apple red lips. It was the kind of smile that could cause a man to lose all his senses, and I was no exception. She knew her effect on people and she used it to her advantage. She pulled herself close and I could feel her head rest on my chest. In a daze, I wrapped my arms around her waist. I pulled her against me as we swayed to the music. She lifted her face to look into mine. My chocolate brown eyes had nothing on her deep blue ones. They were full of rebellion and bad ideas. She bit her lip and glanced down to mine. I could focus on nothing but her. I knew she was nothing but a heartbreaker. She would use me for the night and move on as she had done with countless others. I couldnt pull away. My lips touched hers as we continued to sway to the music. Everything in me stopped. It was only us. The people watching us and the music faded away. The alarms in my head dulled as I lost myself in her whiskey kiss.


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