Excerpt of a Book I’ll Probably Never Write VII

She stood on the edge of the canyon and laughed as though I had said something funny.

“Really, Jane, don’t stand so close to the edge.” I repeated myself. She had her eyes closed with her arms stretched to either side and a smile lighting up her angular features. She looked as though she was ready to fly far, far away. She laughed again. Taking a deep breathe she lowered her arms and looked at me in the way she always did, as though she could see my soul.

“Oh, Cam…” she took a step closer and grabbed my hand. “You can’t live in this fear all the time!” She shook her head and her jade green eyes met my own deep blue ones. “The world is such a wonderful place filled with all sorts of amazing places and moments just waiting to happen. Just be in the moment! Feel the wind all around you and the see the beauty before you. Don’t let fear get in the way.” She released my hand and walked back to the edge. Instead of standing there as she had been doing, she sat with her legs dangling into certain doom. I stood there and stared at the woman I loved and smiled to myself. 

She was strong and beautiful, no matter what came her way she found a way to grow from it. She had a passion for life and refused to let anyone get in her way. She was kind and thoughtful, dropping anything to help someone in need. She knew who she was and wouldn’t let anyone else tell her differently. She loved deeper than I had ever known someone to love, and she scared me. 

Jane looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, patting the ground beside her, then reaching her hand in my direction. Yes, she definitely scared me. But as I took a step toward the edge and sat down beside her, I thought to myself, I wouldn’t want her to be any other way.


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