I think we all have our secrets. 

We hide them away from the people closest to us and from the rest of the world. We pretend and we hope and we try to dull the pain of keeping things inside. And, we hope that maybe they won’t destroy us. But, the thing about secrets is that they do destroy us. Little bits at a time. They eat away at you and force you to think about them more than you would like. So you try to bury them further and further down while faking a smile. You force a laugh while your mind suffers silently. 

Eventually, one day, you’re last straw hits and you can’t do it anymore. You have to find someone. You need someone or else it’s going to eat you alive. Find the person that loves you. The person who would do anything for you. Don’t apologize for opening up. Don’t think you are a burden. You are loved. You are amazing. And anyone who treats you otherwise is not worth your time.


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