Just Friends

We were friends. Just friends. We had decided that, long ago. But, something feels different. When we talk, his voice sounds lighter than usual. When I walk in the room, I see his eyes light up before he turns his head to try and hide it. When he laughs, I can feel my heart beating faster and my palms growing clammy. Something has changed. We always hung out in his room. We would play games, watch tv, I would tease him for his ridiculous choice in shows. But, today it felt different. He sat away from me, but his eyes rarely left mine. When he walked around the room, I felt myself following him with my eyes. I couldn’t stop. But we’re just friends. Right? I had to leave, things to do. He walked me outside like he always did, and he hugged me. But, it lasted longer, it was tighter. I felt myself relaxing into him as though I was home. When we pulled away slowly, both of us took a small step back, but we both felt it. Something was different. But, were just friends. Just friends…


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