What People Want

She sat quietly as she drove down the winding mountain roads. No music, no sound, just her thoughts and memories to keep her company. She remembered the day he left and the hole it left in her heart. She tried to shake the thought but it kept coming back, maybe I’m just not enough. Her chest tightened at the thought and she felt tears beginning to burn her eyes. No, stop that. Her mind wandered to moments where she felt like she was a disappointment, or that she felt she was insufficient. 

What if I’m too much? Her mind raced to times she was blunt and unafraid to speak her mind, you’re being rude. Times when people told her to stop and to not make trouble. But that wasn’t what she was trying to do… 

I don’t know. Sometimes I’m not enough for people. Sometimes I’m too much. But I’m never what people want. 


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