Meteor Shower

The stars were shining brighter than usual as we lay there under the midnight sky. I felt the chill of the wind in my hair as if someone was running their fingers through it. One meteor flew across the sky and disappeared. Another soon followed it, and the another zoomed by. Soon the dark was filled with meteors. We lay there in silence as we watched, mesmerized by the sight. I snuck a glance at the girl laying only a foot away from me. Despite the darkness surrounding her, I could see the wonderment clouding her face. Her eyes shone with excitement and a contented smile crossed her lips. I turned my face back to the night sky; it was all I could do to not reach my arms out and pull her close to me. A moment later a sigh escaped her lips. I glanced back in her direction, 

“You okay, El?” I asked. My best friend lay silent for a moment. I could see the wheels turning in her head before she opened her mouth to speak.

“Do you believe in soulmates, John?” She propped herself up on her right elbow and looked at me with her piercing ice blue eyes. I did the same facing her. Using my right hand, I tapped my chin the way I always did when I was thinking. 

“Yeah,” I finally answered. “I think I do anyway. At least I believe that there is a specific someone out there for everyone.” Like us. I think we’re soulmates. I thought to myself. Elaine bit her lip and thought for a second before laying back down facing the sky. I waited.

“But…” she trailed off for a second before continuing. “But why?” She asked. “The world is such a huge place. How can there be that one person out there for everyone? And if there was, what if one person’s soulmate is also another’s soulmate? How would that work?” She went silent again and I layed back down in my spot beside her. “It’s just like waiting for this one person that may or may not be perfect for you. If you even find them at all, you’re just sitting there lonely and disappointed while waiting for them to show up.” She took a deep breathe and shook her head in the darkness. The silence was almost deafening.

“I don’t know.” I finally said breaking the silence. “I just think that everyone has someone they are supposed to be with.” I took a deep breathe and looked at her, hoping it was dark enough to mask the longing in my eyes. “Whether or not they actually end up with them is another story.”

Neither of us spoke for after that. We just layed there watching the shower of meteors dancing in the night sky above our heads.


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