Letter to 16 Year Old Me

Hey, you don’t know me yet, but I know you. I was you.

Well you are are 22 now, you’ve made it through the rest of high school and you’re almost done with college… Only a little later than you had hoped, but we’re there. As I am sitting here looking back at all the things we thought back then… I realize how naive I was. Don’t alienate your friends and don’t stick to just one person, they won’t always be there, but it will make for better memories in the future, I promise. Keep your faith, stay in church. Those friends you made there will last a lifetime and you will be able to count on them for anything. Most of them will even go to college with you.

Save your money, don’t spend it on trivial things like all those silly trinkets on trips and from target. They are just going to wind up in a bunch of boxes and baskets in your closet very soon. And then, mom will keep telling you to throw it all out, just do us both a favor and avoid them?

Spend as much time with Mimi as you can. Talk to her about God and faith. Talk to her about her childhood and her life. Talk to her about Granny and what mom was like as a child. Don’t miss a single chance to go somewhere with her, or to meet her at church. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, just go, or you’re going to regret it.

I know you just had your first heartbreak, but I promise you things will look up. There is something much better out there for you. They aren’t as bad as they seem. One day you’re going to find a man. So much better than anyone you have ever met. You’re going to be swept off your feet. Wait for that guy. Some people say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Try to avoid the frogs. Wait for the man that makes you feel like a queen, you deserve nothing less.Oh, and stay away from anything long distance, just trust me on that one.

Never lose your sense of adventure. There will be times when you’re struggling and you can’t seem to find your way. Pray about it. Take a walk. Take a drive. Read your Bible. Find an adventure, it always makes your soul happy.

Finally, I know you’re struggling to figure out who you are, so let me tell you: you are strong. You are someone who is loyal and trustworthy. You are kind and sarcastic. You are protective of those you love, no matter what. You have bigger dreams than you think are possible to achieve, but you will. You are smarter than you let yourself believe. I hope you can remember all of that.

You will do so many amazing things, so keep your chin up!

– from 22 year old you


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