It’s funny… trying to look back and remember my life before you swept me off my feet. However briefly you entered my life, you made an impact on it that is still vibrating through today. 

I used to love the snow. I saw it as a new beginning; a change coming. I loved the way it felt under my boots and trying to catch a flake on my tongue. Now, all I can see is you. The adventures we had through the snow covered mountain tops and the smirk you gave me after I threw a snowball at your chest, I knew I was in trouble then. 

It’s like every snow day before that is tainted by our memories. The smile that would cross my face and warm my heart as I look at pictures, has gone cold. The last time it snowed I looked out the window and suddenly I felt tears crawling down my cheek. How can someone cause so much damage in what many think is an insignificant amount of time? How can I still miss you when you clearly don’t miss me? 

Snow is supposed to be a new beginning… maybe one day I’ll find mine.


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