Excerpt of a Book I’ll Probably Never Write

She leaned back against the cold, brick wall and looked up at the man she used to know standing in front of her. 

“You shouldn’t be here. We’re over. You ended it months ago.” She said, keeping her voice steady. He leaned forward and put his hand against the wall by her head. Their eyes met and she felt her cheeks flush under his gaze. 

“I couldn’t stay away.” He reached a hand up and brushed a stray piece of hair from her face. His fingers lingering against her cheeks. Despite the cold wind, she felt like she was on fire. She couldn’t hold his gaze and looked away.

“You shouldn’t have come back. I’m happy now. I-I stopped thinking about you, Aric.” She felt his eyes burning into her. The ice she had kept around her heart for all these months began to thaw. Her eyes began to burn with tears that she refused to let fall. She finally looked back up. His eyes were greener than usual and his beard was trimmed. He had lost weight. She had to look away.

Oh, he looks even better than I remember. How is that possible?!

“But, I’ve not stopped thinking about you, Mel.” He took a step closer. They were so close they could feel the warmth radiating between them. She felt alive as his hand cupped her chin, forcing her to look back at him. 

Did her eyes somehow get more blue? And her lips… If I could just kiss it one more time. Say something. Get her back. Do it, now!

“Mel, I’m sorry for how things ended between us. I was wrong to leave.” He let go of her chin and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I never stopped loving you, but I was drowning. I needed some space. I had to think, be myself again. But I was wrong. I love you. I miss you.” He shook his head. His eyes burned with tears, but he wouldn’t let them fall, not yet.

“Aric, I…” She trailed off. Looking back up into his face her resolve left her. She grabbed his hands and pulled them around her as she buried her face in his chest. He breathed a sigh of relief and tightened his grip around her. 

“Aric, I’ve missed you, too.”


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