Let me tell you something…

I do not care who you are, what the situation is, your race, or who you love, you do NOT tell someone to go and die, or to go kill themselves. You do not, out of malice, anger, spite, go to another human being and tell them that their life is worthless.

Today, I sat at work. I did my job. I worked hard. I tried to make customers happy. This is not always what happens. An old man comes up the stairs and stops directly in front of me and begins to yell loudly enough for people down the street to hear and stop to look that I should go and die because our service, our every table is taken and you didn’t have a reservation but we found a table for you service, was 5 minutes to slow. This man yelled at me. A girl that had not seen him before. That did not seat him and his wife. That was not his waitress. And he yelled that I should just die. And then he huffed and walked away and his wife just looked at me as she followed him.

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’ve suffered from depression for a long time. You also know that I’ve had suicidal thoughts and that I’ve tried to end my life before. I am currently on anti-depressants.

So to the people that think things like this are okay. To the people that think it’s alright to tell someone to kill themselves or to die. To the people that think that another human life is worth less than yours, it is NOT okay. It is not funny or cool or even remotely okay to tell someone you want them to die. It’s not a joke. That is someone life. That is someone’s loved one. That is someone that could be struggling with whether or not their life is worth anything and you could be pushing them over the edge.

It is not okay.

To those that are hurting, scared, depressed, traumatized… To you I am sorry. I am sorry for that person that was horrible. I am sorry for that person who bullies you. I am sorry for that person who hides behind a computer screen and attacks you. I am so sorry. I know that sometimes it’s hard time breathe from the weight on your chest. I know that sometimes you can’t stop shaking. I know that sometimes the tears won’t stop. I know sometimes your mind is your enemy. But, let me tell you something, if no one else will, or no one else knows your thoughts, you are worth more than gold and silver. Your life is a beautiful gift. You are worth everything, you, you are more precious than anything.

Never let someone tell you otherwise.


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