I don’t understand couples that let the other person completely control the others life. “No, you can’t go out with them.” “Block their number.” “You can’t drink because I did it in high school and know how bad it is.” “Quit your job.” 

I understand completely that when you are in a relationship, there is give and take. Compromise. But there is a huge difference between this and controlling your significant other. One of my best friends quit her job this week. The job that we met at. And he also forced her to block everyone’s contact in her phone, delete her snapchat, delete us on Facebook, and in doing all of this also took away the only friends she had outside of their marriage and families. This is ridiculous and it breaks my heart. 

Now, in some retrospect, I Realize that she lied about certain things. Things such as drinking two or three times with us, her only friends. And also I understand that her being married, her husband doesn’t like that she has a few guy friends. But she was never just with them and we also invited him multiple times. He just didn’t like us. But is that any reason? 

I just don’t understand, ya know? It frustrates me. Because she is amazing and sweet and we all love her and hanging out with her. And outside of her family, we were all she had. So why?


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