Hope in the Magic

I remember when I believed in magic. Everything was so simple, so easy, so good. I remember when I believed in the good, and I saw it in everyone and everything. When did all that change for you? I honestly can’t point to one specific moment. There wasn’t one single moment that changed my view. I think there were many. There were a bunch of little moments that strung together over time…

I lost my belief in magic and innocence. And my view that everything can be good vanished. I don’t think that it ever really goes away, though, you know? That hope that the magic you used to see in the world is still there. Sometimes I meet people and I see for a minute the magic they see and that I lost. And that maybe, just maybe, they will stick around long enough to help me see it again. They don’t always. But their belief still gives me hope.

Hope that things always get better. Hope that the world around you will change. Hope that the magic in the world is still there. Because, hope is a powerful thing. It drives us, whether we realize it or not. The hope to make a difference, to be with someone, to smile more, to show someone they were wrong. There are all sorts of different hopes. 

I hope that you always have hope and I hope that you find that magic again.


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