Almost always, never the one.

I’m sure a lot of other people have felt like this before, too. I’m not the only one. And you’re not alone. Almost always, but never the one. It’s the same old story, you like a person and they seem to like you back. Suddenly, they just disappear. They ignore you. Maybe they manage some lame excuse. Maybe they decide someone else looks like a better choice. So, you’re just sitting there… Realizing you wasted all this time on a person that you thought was going to be something special. 

They’re just another “almost” for the books. 

And then you think… I’m never the one. And you can’t stop thinking it. Why? Because this “almost” makes you think about all of the other “almosts” in your life. And you start thinking… Maybe it’s me. I’m my own reason for never being the one. And you keep thinking it until someone, again, makes you feel special and the cycle starts all over. 

This has been me. For a while now. And finally, one of these “almosts” clicked on my mind. And then the rest clicked. This isn’t my fault. It isn’t me. This is them. They just wanted to play a game. See what would happen. Sure, maybe they did like me. But, I wasn’t their cup of tea. Or their shot of whiskey. And they weren’t mine. The reason they were always almost was because we just weren’t meant to be. And at the time… I just couldn’t see it. I needed a wake up.

I got it. Finally. Why should I waste time on boys that aren’t going to change? There are much better men in the world for me. I’m not going to change for them, so why should they change for me? It’s always almost because if someone is the one for you, they don’t want you to change. They love every annoying part of you. And vise versa. 

I’m waiting on my always. And I’m not going to try to change for the almosts in my life anymore. Neither should you. 


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