I need you now

God give me patience. Everyday I walk out into a world that hates me. They seem to hate everything I stand for. Everything I do. If I so much as sneeze wrong, I’m comdemned. Persecuted. Faith has become an unmentionable word because it sparks hatred and mocking. How can you believe what you cannot see? Your God doesn’t exist, you are praying to nothing, you are, in turn, insane. This is what the world has come to. God give me strength. Everyday I go out, and I am in danger. People want me dead. They believe my faith is the reason wars are started and that those that believe are the what is wrong with the world. My brothers and sisters in Christ are killed daily for their faith. Their unwavering faith and trust. But in Him, I am strong. He is my refuge, my shield, my fortress. God give me wisdom. Everyday I walk into a world where people attack me. They ask questions they are sure you cannot answer. They want to humiliate me. I don’t have every answer. But you do. I’m not perfect, but I am whole in you. 

God, you gave the world a choice. Many of us choose you. And yet many do not. Everyday we makes this choice. To be patient with a world that doesn’t understand. To be strong against people who persecute us. To be wise to know the right that God has given us. God is always with me. He stands beside me when I am strong, and he carries me when I am weak. He leads me when I cannot see the light ahead, and speaks to me when I have no one left to talk to. He waits when I think I can do things without Him, and he picks me up when I realize I was wrong. 

Thank you, God for the trials and tribulations because they brought me to the person I am today. I fail. I fall short. I’m far from perfect. But I am yours.

Luke 6:27-28


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