To the ones that care too much

If you’re like me, you are told way to often that you care too much or that you don’t need to worry about the people in your life, worrying is a waste of time. But, I can’t help it. I’m loyal to a fault. Once you become a part of my life I want to be able to be there for you if things go wrong. I want you to be safe. I guess to most this is just too much.

But don’t just give up hope. Don’t stop caring about people. They can get frustrated all they want, but you will always be the one that’s there for them. And, eventually, they will see that. 

Those people you dated who thought it was weird you wanted to know when they got home okay, or that you worried about them, don’t let them get to you. Do not let their words keep you from being the person that you are. When you find the right one, they will love that you care so much. 

So don’t listen to the haters out there. Don’t let them get to you. There is nothing wrong with you. You care the right amount. They just don’t know that yet.


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