Cluttered thoughts 

I have a million and one thoughts flying through my mind and yet I can’t string enough of them together to form an interesting thought. I can’t get them into categories so I can write them down either. Don’t you hate when his happens? If writing is your outlet, then you know what I mean. Maybe you’re stressed about a few dozen or so things. And maybe in the midst of that you got in a fight with a friend. And then you can’t help but wonder if that guy you’ve been dating is thinking about you, while you’re on the phone with your mom saying mhmm every few seconds so that she thinks you’re paying attention to the conversation. 

And you just want to write down your thoughts to organize them but they are to scattered to even do that. So you sit staring at a screen or a notebook or phone and think and maybe you start to write something… But then another thought takes hold and you delete what you wrote and start to write something else. Maybe this keeps happening. Eventually you just want to give up because you can’t seem to write anything that makes enough sense.

Surely I’m not the only one that does this… Right?


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