It’s funny the things you remember 

It’s funny the things you remember when you lie in bed at night. Your mind can wander from the things your coworkers talked about that day to the time you had your first kiss. Sometimes you over think those things.

“I wonder if the guy I’m dating actually likes me or if he is just using me…” Or, “I wonder if anyone at work notices how depressed I am…” 

Late night thoughts will be the death of me, I’m positive. Right now, I can’t get this guy out of my head. He is wonderful. And funny. And kind. And smart. And hardworking. And I like him. But, does he really care about me the way he says? Did he mean it when he opened up to me and said he never does this? Are we officially dating or just messing around? And how do I ask these things without sounding psycho? Every girl wonders these same questions at one point or another. And I’m sure guys do as well. But, why is it so hard to be straight with someone? I could go up to anyone else and just blurt out these things. But if you throw in feelings… Well, cue the stuttering and horrible timing to bring it up. Maybe tomorrow I can round up the guts to ask him these things… But for now my late night thoughts will just have to keep thinking.


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