What happened to dating?

Quite honestly, I should have been born in the  50s. The cute skirts and the innocence and giving a girl your class ring so you can “go steady” with her… Yes, I would have loved it. Which brings me to my point: What happened to dating? I’ve asked people this and I’ve received multiple different responses. My younger brother (15) told me it’s just called being in a relationship now. Apparently we created a whole new thing called “talking”. Where you could or could not be dating someone else but the other person will never know. It causes all sorts of unnecessary overthinking for you as well: “Do you think he really likes me? Cause I totally saw he liked so and so’s picture on Instagram.” I find this ridiculous and silly. And most of the time, that’s all it is. A little flirting, maybe kisses, too, if not more, and the it’s over. 

One of my managers responded by telling me online dating such as tinder, match, eharmony… They take so much out of dating. You’re taking out the part where you get to be friends with them, you can hide behind a screen and you just hope that cute guy/girl you matched with likes (thinks you’re hott) you back. It has brought the hookup mentality of this generation to a whole new light. It almost glorifies it. And if by some miracle, you find someone that has the same motives as you and isn’t looking for a hookup, you have still lost a huge part of something amazing by texting for weeks before meeting them. And even then, things are less likely to work out in your favor.

My parents advice on dating in this day and age is to go to church, or the library. While I find this sweet and I truly wish I could find someone this way, guys no longer just walk up to a girl and talk to her or ask her out. They’re shy, or nervous. Maybe they are afraid of rejection. I do not know. But, most places are just too big to find someone unless you are very involved or you happen to be with a friend that knows people. It’s considered weird these days, which breaks my heart.

Where did we go wrong with dating? And why is it looked at as strange now? I’ll say it again, I should have been born in the 50s. I wish that guys would ask you out on a date. Or that they could even get up the courage to walk up to you and make an effort. I wish that relationships before you are 25 weren’t practically laughed at. I wish that people didn’t have the hookup mentality or that they hid behind a screen. I wish that once a guy got you, he would continue to woo you. I wish these things were normal again. I hate what “dating” has become.


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