I didn’t think…

I didn’t think it was possible for any one to completely break you down all at once. I have been heart broke, hurt, sad, upset, hell I’ve even gone through depression. But never did I think that one person on their own could do so much damage. They can. It’s possible for the one person you cared about most in the world, the person you trusted with your life, the person you told your deepest fears to… It’s possible for that person to break you. To tear you down in one simple motion, or even without a single word. They send you spiraling out of control wishing for the day when things were simple. When things were right. Instead you stand there. You sit. You lay in your bed and you imagine where you are is the bottom of a pit. A pit you can’t climb out of. And you can see the people walking past it. Maybe some even look down for a moment. But then they move on. And you realize after a time that you’re the only one that can get you out. And slowly, one day at a time, you’ll find your way. Maybe weeks. Maybe months later you step out in the light. And you notice that things are different, that you’re different. And that you’ll never be the same again.


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