Minutes turn to hours, hours into days, days turn to weeks, and then months. And life goes on. Time keeps passing you by and there is nothing we can do to slow it down. People who once meant the world to you are now a part of your past and new people came up to take their place in your life. Some people stay for a short time, while others stay for the long haul. And even if you try, you cannot keep things the same for long. Time changes things. This is a known fact. Time is also supposed to heal wounds, even while causing new ones everyday. And even once those wounds are healed, we remain scarred for life. We now have something that time cannot take away, or change much at all.

I have my own wounds. I have scars that some people would cringe at the idea of. I have wounds that have healed and reopened. I am scarred. But, why should I let these define me? Yes, they brought me to the person I am today. Yes, they have taught me lessons. I should be more cautious with love. I should not trust so easily. I should not believe someone after they have lied to me. I should have more faith. But, do these scars define us? Or are they just a means to an end? Where do I go from here? Should I continue to hide behind these scars that time has left? Or should I embrace the fact that, yes, they are there, but they do not define who I am?

Time passes and things change. We cannot do anything to change that. But, it is up to us to determine whether or not we live by these scars, or we live on despite them.


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