This War Called Life

Everyday is a battle in this damn war called life. Good days are victories. Days when there are no tears. Days where you manage to avoid those creeping thoughts of worthlessness and such. Days where that ache of losing someone close to you seems so far away. Bad days, on the other hand, are a loss of the worst kind. Those days where you cannot seem to find a moments peace. Those days where that feeling of emptiness just won’t go away. Those days where the pain of being left behind by someone you love is so unbearable all you want to do is curl in a ball and hide so that maybe, just maybe, the aching pain won’t be able to find you.

Every damn day is a battle whether its a victory or a loss. But there are also those days simple in the void. A draw if you will. A day where you neither win nor lose. Those days of complete numbness where you cannot feel a thing. And it is completely terrifying.

These are the days where you question everything. The kind of day where you want to know why you cannot have more good days. Why you cannot shake those pains on the bad ones. The kind of day where you just want to lie in bed and never get up. Simply staring into space with an infinite amount of unanswered questions floating through your mind. I hate these days. I truly hate living in the void.

original post date: June 27, 2012


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