My Name is H. I’m 17 years old. I’m just another girl living in this world. I’m not special, I’m just me. I created this blog because I needed somewhere to speak freely. Somewhere free of judgement and free of friends and family prying into my life. A safe place. But I guess we are all just looking for a place like that. We all just want to know our place in this world. I thought I’d found mine, but I guess I was wrong. There is a guy in my life, he means the world to me. I have a family. My mom, dad, and brother. Together we are dysfunctional, but we are a good family. I have a few good friends that are always here for me. And my Church family.

But I have this feeling. This feeling like I’m not good enough. It haunts me the second I’m alone. And lately, even when I’m not. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I feel like my world is caving in one piece at a time. And I cannot talk to anyone in my little world. I guess that is why I’m here. So I can talk without worrying them.

Maybe this will help me. Maybe not. I guess I’ll find out.


original post date: March 9, 2012


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