I’m a Worrier

So you know those people who worry a lot? The ones that just want for everyone to be happy and to get along. Thinking of anyone? Well.. That’s me. I tend to get worried and stressed real easily. I can’t help it. And I just want for everything to be okay.

So, right now, that feeling is basically burying me alive. And me having this anxiety over everything in my life is not helping anything. Why am I so stressed? Well, where to begin… Hmm… One of my best friends – or I thought she was – decided to turn on me. She has tried to turn my other friends against me and has lied to my face multiple times. Then, my boyfriend lied to me and I found out. Which killed me, to be honest. And he isn’t being himself.. I don’t know what to think. But I’m beyond worried about him. I guess all I can do is be here for him and pray. I just need for him to be okay.

As for everything else, its not as big so I won’t go into details, but hopefully all of this will go away soon. Because I can’t take all this anymore. It’s not helping me get better. It’s making things worse

original post date: March 21, 2012


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