Battle Scars

I have referred to everyday of life as different battles. Sometimes these battles end in scars.

Have you ever had a friend? Someone you thought of as your best friend? Someone that you trusted with everything, with your life. Did you believe that they had your back? That they had no reason to lie to you, or hurt you because all you ever did was be there for them? Tell me this. Why is it that the people you trust most in this world, the people that you would drop anything if they needed you, are the ones that hurt you the worst?

Do you even care that you lied? That you hurt me? Do you realize how much it hurts to realize I am not your best friend anymore? You tell me small things, you call me when no one else is there, when you are bored now. I used to be your confidant. We used to be close. Now you tell me lies, you make excuses. I have no one else here anymore. You were it. Now I realize I really am alone.

But, its just another battle scar, right? Another day living under the Pompeii that is my life. This was just another battle that I lost. I hope that you are happy. I hope that you don’t hurt the new people in your life the way you hurt me.

original post date: July 14, 2014


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